Custom Crafted Restorations

What are Custom Crafted Restorations?

Custom Crafted Restorations – Plymouth

Everyone is so busy these days. Wouldn’t it be nice to get something done quickly, conveniently, and pleasantly? We thought so! That’s why we have invested in the advanced technology of CEREC. With CEREC, we can take highly accurate digital impressions and custom design and create your restoration or plan your orthodontic treatment in one, much more comfortable visit. No gooey impression material, no molds to bite down on, no gagging or unpleasant taste!

How We Use CEREC to Make Your Care Easier…and Better

CEREC technology is pretty amazing. It starts with pin-sharp digital impressions. Since they require no mold material, they are not only more accurate, making our dentists’ lives easier, they are more comfortable as well. And our patients certainly love that!

These high resolution digital impressions can then be used to create and plan a variety of treatments.

Crowns, Inlays, and Onlays

— If you need a porcelain restoration, CEREC restorations may be the best option for you. We use your digital impressions to design the perfectly fitted repair, mill it with incredible CAD/CAM precision, custom tint it to match your tooth or teeth, and place it — all in one appointment! That means no temporaries, no return visits, and no extra Novocain shots! What could be better?

If we do decide that a restoration would be better created in one of our master labs, we will send them your digital impressions for improved accuracy.

Clear Correct Braces

–Patients love these braces for their convenience and the fact that they are virtually invisible. Now you can love them even more! CEREC digital impressions free you of the need for a mouthful of goo, and give flawless impressions that can be digitally managed and stored on a computer instead of in a box.

Eventually, we will use digital impressions for even more of our procedures. These are impressions designed to impress!

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