Smile Makeovers

What is a smile makeover?

Smile Makeovers – Plymouth

Do you feel that there are so many things wrong with your smile that you don’t know where to begin to have them corrected? Dr. Fitzsimmons and Plymouth Station Dental can help with a personalized dental smile makeover. Smile makeovers do much more than make a smile perfectly white and even. Using a combination of restorative and cosmetic techniques, we can balance, protect and perfect almost any smile.

We start by talking to you about your goals and expectations, and working together, we will discover what you need. Once your goals have been determined, we will create a plan to achieve the results you want.

What Can a Smile Makeover Do for Me?

  • Crooked, overlapped teeth can be straightened without the discomfort, time or unattractive appearance of metal braces.
  • Gaps between teeth can be closed.
  • Chipped, worn or broken teeth can be repaired.
  • Tooth size, shape, color, length and width can be changed.
  • Missing teeth can be replaced.
  • Gums can be “recontoured” to reduce the appearance of a “gummy” smile.
  • Stained, discolored teeth can be whitened.
  • Our cosmetic smile makeovers can make you look younger and brighter, with a renewed confidence that lets you smile like never before!

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