Teeth Grinding and Bruxism Treatment

Why is it so Important to Treat Bruxism?

Teeth Grinding and Bruxism Treatment in Plymouth

Do your teeth seem shorter than they used to be? Are you developing cracks or chips in your teeth? Do you have pockets along your gum line that are not related to gum disease? You might grind or clench your teeth without ever realizing it! This damaging habit is also known as bruxism and can be caused by chronic stress or medical conditions. We can help with a comfortable mouth guard that stops bruxism and protects your teeth.

Bruxism is unconsciously clenching or grinding down with too much force when you wouldn’t normally be chewing or biting anything, usually when you are sleeping, driving or working. While most people clench or grind primarily at night, you could be clenching any time of day, especially during times of increased stress.

Why is it so Important to Treat Bruxism?

Grinding your teeth can cause a wide variety of problems from wearing down or breaking your teeth, to jaw disorders and chronic headaches. If we see signs of bruxism or tooth grinding, we can fit you with a custom-made bruxism guard, night guard or occlusal splint to reduce the damage to your teeth from grinding or clenching and relieve your TMJ pain. The more you wear your appliance, the more you protect your teeth – and the better you feel!

If you think you might grind your teeth, call us today. We can help save your teeth and your dental work!

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